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Replacement Windows

There are two very important things to consider when replacing your windows: choosing the right window, and choosing the right company to install and stand behind them.

You have heard the stories of how big name companies promise to deliver too good to be true results when selling windows. You know the promises of insane heat savings, unbelievable price discounts after they tell you the starting price of $1500.00 and the story that no other window in the world is like theirs! You know the stories of how homeowner’s had to sit through a 3 to 4 hour sales presentation about windows. Then they had to either sign the deal to get rid of them or kick the salesman, who wouldn’t take no for an answer, out. You will not be treated this way by the professional home contractors at Paradis Remodeling and Building LLC.

We remodel and build custom homes and know which windows will last, which are worth the price and ones are not. Paradis Remodeling and Building LLC will not push one brand upon you or make unbelievable claims. We respect that you are knowledgeable and will choose the right solution for yourself. We work with several suppliers and provide windows that meet your needs and enhance the value of your home. Our windows and professional installation will give you years of comfort and peace of mind as well as lower heating/cooling costs.

replacement windowsReplacement windows (insert double hung)

(Vinyl, Fiberglass or Wood) replacement windows are designed to be installed into your existing window frames. This is the most cost effective window purchase. The new window is provided with a frame and sash to be installed into your existing window frame. This is a very straight forward process. The old window sashes are removed, weights or balances are removed, and the stops are carefully taken off and set aside for reuse. Often the existing stops can be reused and only need touch up paint. The drawback to replacement windows installed into your existing frames is the loss of 3-4 inches of daylight on all four sides. If you choose this route ask us to show you the new downsized daylight opening. Some recommended manufacturers’ are Harvey Building Products, Marvin Integrity, Sunrise Windows.

replacement windows knock down sash linersReplacement windows with knock down sash liners

These types of windows are a great alternative to replacement windows with frames that decrease the daylight opening. The sashes are custom made and a sash liner with balance system is provided. The daylight opening is only decreased a small amount. The Marvin Window Tilt Pack System or equal is a great choice here.

bay and bow windowsComplete Window and Frame Replacement

This replacement involves completely moving the window sash, frame and interior and exterior trim. This is by far the best installation however the window cost is higher and the time for this installation is more than a simple replacement window. Windows types include double hungs, bays, bows, sliders, awnings and specialty shapes. Some recommended window choices include quality manufacturers’ Marvin, Andersen and Eagle.