Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most desired home improvements consistently providing the highest return on investment of any home improvement.

There are countless bathroom remodel ideas such as a powder room, half bath, full bath or spa like master bathroom, a bath remodel is a place to show of your unique style and personality. The design possibilities are endless including oversized showers, whirlpool jet and air tubs, seamless glass doors, separate commodes, dual sinks, tile treatments, steam showers and other luxurious and lavish features. Or you may choose to simply update with modest fixtures and changes. Whatever your style the bathroom remodeling contractors at Paradis Remodeling and Building LLC can guide you in choosing the right remodel and assist with the right choice of fixtures and materials.

Why remodel your bathroom with a professional Bathroom Contractor?

  • Your bathroom is out of date
  • Your bathroom does not function well for your needs…you and your family are getting older
  • Your bathroom does not represent your style or soothe you
  • Lack of storage space for basics like linens, towels and personal effects
  • Inadequate lighting and ventilation
  • Old broken fixtures and plumbing
  • Vinyl/tile is worn and tired looking
  • You are afraid it will cost you when you sell your home

There are three basic types of bathroom remodel projects we offer:

1. Cosmetic Bathroom Update or Spruce Up

The cosmetic bath remodel involves making minor changes to the space such as changing out the toilet, the tile, adding a new tub/shower surround, new sink or faucet, new medicine cabinet or adding cabinet hardware. There is usually little disruption to the walls, floor or ceiling in this remodel and the work can generally be completed in less than a week.

2. Remove and Replace Bathroom Remodel

In this type of remodel all fixtures are removed and replaced with new units in the same location without moving any plumbing or wiring. This includes replacing the toilet, vanity, sink, faucet, shower/tub, shower/tub set, lighting and cabinets. This allows for a complete new bathroom without disruption to the areas outside the space.

3. Custom Bath Remodel

With this type of bathroom project just about anything you can imagine goes. Often times this type of bathroom remodel involves relocating all the fixtures, plumbing and wiring. This type of remodel may involve enlarging the space by using an adjacent hall or bedroom closet or maybe even taking a whole room! If the current footprint of your bathroom is insufficient for your desires expanding the room footprint allows you to customize the space to your heart’s content. In this just about anything goes project it is vital to work a company who utilizes the design/scope develop/build process to ensure that you can see the proposed changes in a 3D rendering.