Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen… the heart and soul of your home… where you and your loved ones create the cherished and precious moments that last a lifetime… where you entertain your friends and neighbors with hors d’oeuvres a fine glass of wine or cocktail… where you enjoy your Sunday morning latte/coffee/tea and favorite magazine… where you cook the meal that your partner and guests rave about… where your genius and style are on display…. where there is a place for all your wares close at hand but out of sight.

  • Is your kitchen due for a few changes?

  • Have you been to a party recently and been blown away by the host’s kitchen and wonder why your kitchen is still hanging around?

  • Are your kitchen cabinets and kitchen counters ready to be donated to your favorite building charity?

Whether a minor or major project is in order, now is a great time to explore the possibilities of creating your kitchen that matches your style and exceeds you family’s needs. The number one home remodeling and renovation project historically is the kitchen. A Kitchen remodel tend to add significant value to your home investment approaching return on investment of over 80% or more.

Most of us are drawn to the kitchen in our own home or when we visit someone else’s home somehow we always congregate there! Surely you want a new kitchen that is well designed, beautiful, easy to use and complimentary of your lifestyle. You deserve to have the space you imagine the way you want it. Why not now?

At Paradis Remodeling and Building we are well aware of how important it is to work with a home contractor who can help you create a kitchen remodel that suits your specific desires and needs with the minimum amount of inconvenience and hassle. Our Design/Scope Develop/Build Process and Your Remodel Coach will ensure that you know in the beginning exactly what to expect and guide through the entire process. When your project is completed you will be positive you hired the right remodeling contractor.

"Your Home...Your Paradise" ...To remodel your kitchen contact us today!